Trust Vision & Structure


Purpose & Structure

The Charitable Purpose of the Trust is:

i. To manage and maintain the DOC owned hut in Matai (Godsiff) Bay, known as 'the Matai Bay hut' under a DOC management agreement.
ii. To provide, through management of and accessibility to the hut, a positive natural back country life experience for visitors and all New Zealanders in order to gain wider community participation. This in turn leads to the preservation of this hut for future generations in perpetuity.
iii. The Trustees will administer the Trust for the benefits of its supporters, and the general public and in accordance of its charitable purpose.
   Entity Structure.
The Trust shall be administrated by a Board of Trustees which shall consist of not less than seven (7) nor more than tweleve(12) trustees. The Trust is committed, in attaining its purposes, to liase and work with DOC and other interested parties who are supportive of the chartitable purposes of this Trust. And to ensure the operational activities of the trust will remain open and transparent by ensuring all supporters are kept informed of progress via regular newsletters and a website.
Gregory Patrick DurkinChairperson
Linda Mary BoothSecretary
Timothy Alex Durkin-WrightTreasurer
Kim RogersNewsletter Editor
Sarah Archer 
Mark Secker 
Fiona Clare Scott 
Beryl Evelyn Archer 
Felicity Jane Nichol